Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Have just come back from Floriade, Canberra.  Have not seen so many tulips and daffodils in my life, all in the one spot.  The weather was great and the colours amazing.


Banksia bonsai

I love this Banksia bonsai - am currently trying to grown one myself to bonsai - will be quite a while before it is posted on this blog.   I curiously looked what was underplanted - what a  beautiful plant.  Was told it was Viola Betonicifolia (native violet).

Viola Betonicifolia

Searched google - as suspected, very hard to find.  Only one of the searches led me to a local Indigenous Plant Landscaper, who had this plant in his stock.  Unfortunately, they had been damaged by a snail attack, and were looking worse for wear.  I didn't mind - will nurture them back to health - so I bought all 5 tubestocks.  Hopefully they will survive - as further google searches has come up with no-one else stocking this plant.


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