Friday, September 17, 2010

'Oh, you 'Brazen Hussy'

Yes, that's the name of this plant - Ranunculus ficaria - 'Brazen Hussey'.   Leaves are a chocolate-brown and flowers bright buttercup yellow.  I have planted it under my maple, Bloodgood and also amongst the purpled leafed oxalis (yikes...a weed!  No - not this variety).   Brazen Hussey has multiplied very nicely, so much so, that I have given plants away to friends and family.   It is summer dormant - then magically reappears in late winter, just in time for some colour in the garden.   I just love this plant!!    Yes, that's a weed on the RHS - will go now and promptly yank it out!!!

Ranunculus Ficaria 'Brazen Hussey'

Purple-leafed oxalis with 'Brazen Hussey'

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  1. I love ranunculus but ive never spotted this one. Thanks for visiting me! I think id better stay tuned so you can keep me up to date in the garden.