Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sewing Room & Nook - Make-over

Yes, the stylists of BHG would be so envious of my mess.  Try sorting this out, guys!  I'm in need of some inspiration to get this lot sorted.

Messy sewing room

Just to set the scene - this is my sewing room which is just around the corner from the laundry (same room).  I am so lucky to have this area as my creative space.  As part of the sewing room, there is the area under the stairs (the nook) to store odd and ends, okay junk, and a sliding door to enter.  Oh - forgot to mention you must be 5' to stand in there, luckily that's meeeee.....This area stayed as a junk area for close to 10 yrs (what was I thinking?)

The light-bulb came on recently (happening less and less these days).   I decided to properly do up this area to house all my odd/ends, material, crafty stuff - oh, you know, the rest of the gadgets and gizmos that you purchase, 'cos it seemed like a good idea at the time', knowing full well you'll never use it.

Approached Mr Fix It....caught him off guard one weekend - "Honey, what about helping me create my ultimate sewing room?"   Okay - let's start.  Wasted no time.  Emptied the area, washed the walls and floor (so glad I insisted on painting and tiling this area).  All done - time to measure.

Mr Fix It measuring the nook (under stairs)

He is such a perfectionist, I know I'll get a good - no, great job, unlike me who starts things, stuffs it up and then get's "Mr Fix It" to do it properly.  That's my MO and I'm sticking to it - what can I say - it works!  Okay - off to Howard's Storage World... opted for Elfa storage, used before and love the product.

Elfa Shelving

This is the result of part of my sewing nook.   Now time to stack and pack.  Stay tuned for further developments.......

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  1. It is so fantastic having your 'own' space, Just last week I set up mine in the garage....happy sewing!