Friday, October 29, 2010

The Mist Flower

Do you ever look at a plant and be amazed at the sight - I do, always and that can be even for a little bulb.  This is one of my favourite plants - Eupatorium Megalophyllum (quite a mouth full) - The Mist Flower.

The Mist Flower

It does grow quite big and I've had to prune back hard in autumn, but I love the colour and how it balances well with my 'PURPLE' wall - yes, the idea was that the climbing hydrangea would cover the wall, and you would only see glimpses of the colour purple.  February 2008 - was a very very hot summer and half the plant got burnt -  waiting patiently for it to take off again.

Sun fading the colour a bit

Crescent Moon garden facing wall

I call this the crescent moon garden as the pond intersects the garden bed and the shape is like a crescent moon - well I think it is.

Pic taken from upstairs

Hard to see because of the plants, but the pond is round, with steppers to walk across, making the garden bed a crescent shape - thanks to Ochre Landscape for the design.  Evan was great - he knew exactly what my backyard needed - something different - previously lawn with pavers leading up to the wall - boring!  This way I don't mow, though I do miss the smell of freshly mowed grass - I just go outside and smell everyone's grass.  Even had the nature strip (verge) planted out  - but that's for a later post.

Ps:  Sorry for the last photo - I took it through the fly wire screen, so it's not as clear as I would like it - but you get the idea.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Too busy to post

Wow!  I've been too busy to post.  Seriously, will have to make a better effort, but then things just pile up, and you have to do them - housework!   I'd rather be sewing!  HELP.........

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Miss Pinny's Apron

In my earlier post, I was making an apron as a gift on my first ever sewing retreat.  This one is a test run, which I cannot part with, at this stage.  

My first apron

I have since made another one - different color but it has turned out a bit bigger than I had expected - should really check those measurements next time.  My mistakes - waffle material too large, not exposing the blue fabric enough, and I should have given it more gathering.  Oh well, I can't undo it now as I'm going to the retreat this Friday. 

The Gifted Apron

Will make another one later as I have lots of this material, the colour of which I really love.    

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitchen Chair Cushions

I love my kitchen chairs but after a little while can become a bit uncomfortable.  Also, as they are quite old, I need to protect the rattan.   I remember getting a quote from the local interior decorator - it was quite expensive, even though the job would be professional.  So I said 'thanks' and that 'I would think about it' - 2 yrs later....'hmm, must do something about those chairs'.

My kitchen chairs

After having completed a cushion making course, which included piping and zip, decided to at least try to make a cushion for my chairs.  A friend told me of some gingham sheeting she had found - this would work as a test run, before I outlaid the money for expensive material.

Made a template of the insert.  Went to my local Clark Rubber and purchased good quality foam and wadding.  The foam cost me $47.00 and wadding $7.00 (if memory serves me right - don't hold me to that though).

Green Gingham

Piping was easy (with a piping foot on my Bernina) and the cushion tabs are on the side at the back, which look very neat and hidden away.  Didn't want bow ties - just something simple.  The cushion is not very bulky but has great foam which holds its shape and sits well on the chair.   The wadding also helps pad out the corners and gives it fullness - I think it works really well and is super comfy.

Finished Cushion

Now all I have to do is buy another material and just make the covers.   I'm thinking brown checked linen - something french looking like this:-

Have used this in my Sewing Nook as a curtain - looks really great.   Post coming soon..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Carrot - Failure

It was such a lovely weekend -  decided to lift those carrots I've been growing in my Greensmart pots.  They were supposed to be 'Baby Carrots' - alas, the carrots grew too big and NQR.   I think I should have thinned them out and given them more fertliser, but I planted and forgot.   This lot was an experiment, must admit, so it's not as if I was relying on these for my supper.

Will plant lettuce instead with some lebanese cucumbers - all good fun.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I think a bit of the sewing bug has rubbed off on my DD (Jess).

Uni party was themed "recycling" - had to wear something recycled, so Jess came up with the idea of using all the left over scraps of fabric, which I used when making her garments, and sew them up as a patchwork dress.  She managed to finish, the eve of her returning to Canberra.  Wow - I was impressed, and proud.  As you can see, I think she did a great job, and it brings back my thoughts, that I don't skimp on fabric -  use the best and it will turn out great - even patchworked.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Black top

I started this on Saturday and finished quickly - just cut, roll hem on the overlocker (Babylock - my best friend in the sewing room) - fortunately this was quite a simple top to whip up - no facings - yah!!

Smplicity 2865

Material purchased from Tessuti (a little while ago. as per usual) and the pattern (Simplicity 2865) recommended by Lisa at Tessuti, Melbourne.   Material is black/silver and lacy - NB the white is not the material - it's my table protector which I use when I cut fabric.

Quick easy - done!!

Jess' Penny Farthing Skirt

Mission accomplished - c'est fini!!

Took a little while getting the gathering just right.  Jess is happy with the result, as am I.  Her top is not appropriate for the skirt, but it was just so that I could take the picture before she left tomorrow, with the skirt.

Pattern is Butterick B5285 - refer to previous post - can't highlight yet.  Still learning - so please bare with me.

I will definitely be making this skirt again.  Will also alter the size (hmm quite a bit for me) and make myself one too.  Now next project.......stay tuned.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pantry make-over

Answered the phone - "Madam, your shelves are ready for pickup"...yipee....

Limited space in pantry - not one of those things I had put much thought into when building - should have gone for the butler's pantry - but no room, still happy with my space - sometimes you can buy too much and never use it.  See those tins of corn, yep just kept on buying corn (for rice salad and chicken sweet corn soup), corn coming out of my ears - now we'll be eating rice salad and soup for a while, just to move this lot.

New shelving in pantry

"Mr Fix It" was not impressed that I ordered some shelving - men, they don't like drilling holes in walls or even cupboards.  You have no idea how long it takes me to hang something on a wall.   I just take the hammer, ready to hit that nail....."WAIT!", he says, "I'll do it".  So for the next 1/2 hour he measures and re-measures and then asks - "Is this where you want it?" - "sure thing, go for it!", yawning.  With the shelving,  he had no choice - shelving was already here.

I think he did a great job and now I love my new pantry.

Penny Farthing

Couple of days left before Jess returns to Canberra and, of course, she needs some clothes - I thought Uni was for studying?    So did the usual city trip (20 min train trip - not far).  Had a great day shopping with Jess - that's the thing I miss when she's away - now that she has a part-time job in DJ's, Canberra, visits will be fewer  (I'm sad, but happy she is employed).   Okay - enough of that - back to business - of course, headed to Tessuti with her Wishlist.

Penny Farthings

Jess wanted a full skirt - Butterick 5285 - which has quite a few variations.  I'm sewing View 'A' - furthest on the right.

Butterick B5285

Quite an easy pattern - so should be done by tonight - that's if some-one can come over and do all my HOUSEWORK!!!   Hey, that's a thought........."Hey, Jess! Can you come down here for a minute?"

One good turn deserves another, I say......till later.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tulips in my garden

Having come back from Floriade, was amazed to find I had tulips in my garden.  We have had good winter chill, so that's why they have appeared - can't even remember that I planted them.  Better pop those Brahmi pills.


Quite like orange in my garden, especially a double poppy which I collected from an old garden in the hills (Olinda).    Will take a picture when in flower.