Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitchen Chair Cushions

I love my kitchen chairs but after a little while can become a bit uncomfortable.  Also, as they are quite old, I need to protect the rattan.   I remember getting a quote from the local interior decorator - it was quite expensive, even though the job would be professional.  So I said 'thanks' and that 'I would think about it' - 2 yrs later....'hmm, must do something about those chairs'.

My kitchen chairs

After having completed a cushion making course, which included piping and zip, decided to at least try to make a cushion for my chairs.  A friend told me of some gingham sheeting she had found - this would work as a test run, before I outlaid the money for expensive material.

Made a template of the insert.  Went to my local Clark Rubber and purchased good quality foam and wadding.  The foam cost me $47.00 and wadding $7.00 (if memory serves me right - don't hold me to that though).

Green Gingham

Piping was easy (with a piping foot on my Bernina) and the cushion tabs are on the side at the back, which look very neat and hidden away.  Didn't want bow ties - just something simple.  The cushion is not very bulky but has great foam which holds its shape and sits well on the chair.   The wadding also helps pad out the corners and gives it fullness - I think it works really well and is super comfy.

Finished Cushion

Now all I have to do is buy another material and just make the covers.   I'm thinking brown checked linen - something french looking like this:-

Have used this in my Sewing Nook as a curtain - looks really great.   Post coming soon..

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