Friday, October 29, 2010

The Mist Flower

Do you ever look at a plant and be amazed at the sight - I do, always and that can be even for a little bulb.  This is one of my favourite plants - Eupatorium Megalophyllum (quite a mouth full) - The Mist Flower.

The Mist Flower

It does grow quite big and I've had to prune back hard in autumn, but I love the colour and how it balances well with my 'PURPLE' wall - yes, the idea was that the climbing hydrangea would cover the wall, and you would only see glimpses of the colour purple.  February 2008 - was a very very hot summer and half the plant got burnt -  waiting patiently for it to take off again.

Sun fading the colour a bit

Crescent Moon garden facing wall

I call this the crescent moon garden as the pond intersects the garden bed and the shape is like a crescent moon - well I think it is.

Pic taken from upstairs

Hard to see because of the plants, but the pond is round, with steppers to walk across, making the garden bed a crescent shape - thanks to Ochre Landscape for the design.  Evan was great - he knew exactly what my backyard needed - something different - previously lawn with pavers leading up to the wall - boring!  This way I don't mow, though I do miss the smell of freshly mowed grass - I just go outside and smell everyone's grass.  Even had the nature strip (verge) planted out  - but that's for a later post.

Ps:  Sorry for the last photo - I took it through the fly wire screen, so it's not as clear as I would like it - but you get the idea.


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