Monday, October 4, 2010

Pantry make-over

Answered the phone - "Madam, your shelves are ready for pickup"...yipee....

Limited space in pantry - not one of those things I had put much thought into when building - should have gone for the butler's pantry - but no room, still happy with my space - sometimes you can buy too much and never use it.  See those tins of corn, yep just kept on buying corn (for rice salad and chicken sweet corn soup), corn coming out of my ears - now we'll be eating rice salad and soup for a while, just to move this lot.

New shelving in pantry

"Mr Fix It" was not impressed that I ordered some shelving - men, they don't like drilling holes in walls or even cupboards.  You have no idea how long it takes me to hang something on a wall.   I just take the hammer, ready to hit that nail....."WAIT!", he says, "I'll do it".  So for the next 1/2 hour he measures and re-measures and then asks - "Is this where you want it?" - "sure thing, go for it!", yawning.  With the shelving,  he had no choice - shelving was already here.

I think he did a great job and now I love my new pantry.

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  1. Could you come over to my place and make my pantry look that tidy please? Thanks ;)