Monday, October 4, 2010

Penny Farthing

Couple of days left before Jess returns to Canberra and, of course, she needs some clothes - I thought Uni was for studying?    So did the usual city trip (20 min train trip - not far).  Had a great day shopping with Jess - that's the thing I miss when she's away - now that she has a part-time job in DJ's, Canberra, visits will be fewer  (I'm sad, but happy she is employed).   Okay - enough of that - back to business - of course, headed to Tessuti with her Wishlist.

Penny Farthings

Jess wanted a full skirt - Butterick 5285 - which has quite a few variations.  I'm sewing View 'A' - furthest on the right.

Butterick B5285

Quite an easy pattern - so should be done by tonight - that's if some-one can come over and do all my HOUSEWORK!!!   Hey, that's a thought........."Hey, Jess! Can you come down here for a minute?"

One good turn deserves another, I say......till later.


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