Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Butterick 5285 Skirt

I've finally finished the skirt and it looks great and the lining is a perfect match.  Both fabrics were a joy to work with, so much so that I'm thinking of what else I can sew using Fendi lining.

Finished skirt

Fendi Lining

Pattern:  Butterick 5285
Fabric:   Dolce & Gabbana  "Inky Pea Soup" pure silk from Tessuti Fabrics.
Lining:   Fendi Lining

This would have to be my favorite gathered skirt for Jess.  It was a day's project - including hand sewing of hem, waistband and lining.  

Next project - frock for work's Christmas dinner....pressure!!!!


Tiffany - The Cat

Introducing Tiffany (Lilac Burmese).  She's now quite old, approx. 15 years, and yes she does have some ageing signs but she is still cute and we love her.

Tiffany - all she needs is a tiara

She sleeps ALL DAY! somewhere warm preferably but today she wanted to climb all over my sewing table, so I perched her up on the window for some rays.  Excuse my washing.......Will have to make her a long slim-line bedding to fit the window sill, if this becomes a habit.

Her day-time spot

Tiffany used to always be with her brother (CB aka Cheeky Boy - chocolate burmese).  He has been gone now for 18 months.  She now prefers sitting all over me especially when knitting or sewing bits/bobs.  

Her night-time spot

At night, she does prefer a softer spot - Rod's arms.   

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vogue 8511 - In progress

I'm at the moment using Jess' 'body double' - ducktape dummy.  Made this 1 year ago, and it has been the best thing I've made, as I'm able to make her clothes (up to a point - can't hem garments) using this dummy, as she studies/resides in Canberra.    

I really enjoy this part of dressmaking - a bit like draping.  I've had to pin in for a size 6, but had to cut out a size 8.   This is the reverse of the material so at this stage, still adjusting for size.  


Have finished altering for size and have basted the waist line only - zip and lining will be done after she has tried the dress (on our visit in two weeks time).  Will then finish, hem and adjust, if needed.

Not finished yet

The only problem I've had with this material is matching up the squares.  Had to recut the bodice, but didn't have enough material to recut the bottom half.  I hope Jess doesn't mind.  It's always a learning curve for me - and will take this as a lesson learnt for the next garment.

I just love sewing!!

D&G meets Fendi

Jess picked up this Dolce & Gabbana pure silk material when she was last down, purchased from Tessuti Melbourne.  I will be making a gathered skirt Butterick B5285, same as the Penny Farthing skirt - material 'Ticket to Ride'.

Fendi lining above, D&G material below - Love these colours

Last week, when I was in Tessuti, discovered this beautiful Fendi Lining - WOW - perfect for the lining of this skirt.  Bought without hesitation.

I just love lining a garment with interesting fabric - and the Fendi range is amazing.  I have some left over so will use this to line other garments.  Ted Baker does this beautifully in his garments.

Today's a rainy day - yippee!!  Can finish the skirt and then start on the next project - harem pants for Jess.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vogue V8511 - Dress for Jess

Have had this pattern for quite a while just as long as I've had the material - purchased over a year ago.    Yes, on my list of things to do, so decided, as I'm heading off to Canberra soon, should make the dress for Jess so I can hem.   Also need to make a skirt, shirt and harem pants, but that's another story (post).

Am making version 'A'

Bracewell material

Sorry for the light in the picture - material is darker (dark aubergine/black and the pink is a hot pink - picture doesn't do it justice.   The pattern only calls for the bodice to be lined, but, what the heck, decided to line the whole thing in "hot pink" the same colour as in the material - it was an exact match purchased from Tessuti  - should look good.