Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tiffany - The Cat

Introducing Tiffany (Lilac Burmese).  She's now quite old, approx. 15 years, and yes she does have some ageing signs but she is still cute and we love her.

Tiffany - all she needs is a tiara

She sleeps ALL DAY! somewhere warm preferably but today she wanted to climb all over my sewing table, so I perched her up on the window for some rays.  Excuse my washing.......Will have to make her a long slim-line bedding to fit the window sill, if this becomes a habit.

Her day-time spot

Tiffany used to always be with her brother (CB aka Cheeky Boy - chocolate burmese).  He has been gone now for 18 months.  She now prefers sitting all over me especially when knitting or sewing bits/bobs.  

Her night-time spot

At night, she does prefer a softer spot - Rod's arms.   


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