Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vogue 8511 - In progress

I'm at the moment using Jess' 'body double' - ducktape dummy.  Made this 1 year ago, and it has been the best thing I've made, as I'm able to make her clothes (up to a point - can't hem garments) using this dummy, as she studies/resides in Canberra.    

I really enjoy this part of dressmaking - a bit like draping.  I've had to pin in for a size 6, but had to cut out a size 8.   This is the reverse of the material so at this stage, still adjusting for size.  


Have finished altering for size and have basted the waist line only - zip and lining will be done after she has tried the dress (on our visit in two weeks time).  Will then finish, hem and adjust, if needed.

Not finished yet

The only problem I've had with this material is matching up the squares.  Had to recut the bodice, but didn't have enough material to recut the bottom half.  I hope Jess doesn't mind.  It's always a learning curve for me - and will take this as a lesson learnt for the next garment.

I just love sewing!!


  1. That dress looks great! I love the fabric and I can't wait to see the finished dress :)

  2. evelyn, how difficult was this dress form to make?...i have looked at the method several times on the web... i think i am going to try and give it a go, as i could so use one of these for soph, as she also is living away from home? any hints?
    how much duck tape did you use
    how many layers did it take to keep the form rigid?

  3. Hi Jen, will send you an email shortly as it is too long for this blog. Should do a post and will probably do so later, once I've gathered all the info and finished a couple of garments. Thanks. Evelyne.