Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vogue V8511 - Dress for Jess

Have had this pattern for quite a while just as long as I've had the material - purchased over a year ago.    Yes, on my list of things to do, so decided, as I'm heading off to Canberra soon, should make the dress for Jess so I can hem.   Also need to make a skirt, shirt and harem pants, but that's another story (post).

Am making version 'A'

Bracewell material

Sorry for the light in the picture - material is darker (dark aubergine/black and the pink is a hot pink - picture doesn't do it justice.   The pattern only calls for the bodice to be lined, but, what the heck, decided to line the whole thing in "hot pink" the same colour as in the material - it was an exact match purchased from Tessuti  - should look good.


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