Thursday, December 23, 2010

Garden update

Have been so busy in the sewing department have forgotten about my garden - luckily the rain has kept the garden well nourished.   Everything is growing so well - but I do need to do a little maintenance.


I planted this clematis and placed a purple wire stand over it - you can just see it on the left.  Trained it through the centre and, as it has grown, has formed a mass of flowers spilling over the top - I am thinking  of transplanting it to my purple wall.

My first apples

I have planted three dwarf apples in very close proximity (technique is planting 3 trees in one hole) - this means easy pollination and saves on space - I just don't have the room for three apple trees.  They should grown well together and I'm hoping that, in a few years, the trees will look like one - well that's my theory.

The varieties are Granny Smith, Bouge de Neige (Snow Apple) and Gravestein.   I first tasted Gravestein about 6 years ago and was sad when it was no longer available from my local grocer - but these days, all the fruit and vegies taste like cardboard anyway, so why wouldn't you grow your own.

I am liking the way the garden is taking care of itself and filling up very nicely.  You can just see on the right a New Zealand Marlborough Rock Daisy (Pachystegia insignis).  Although it is a hard plant to grow, it seems to like its position and has grown very well.  It requires very good drainage, but doesn't seem to have minded all the rain we've had.   I usually like to move my plants around, more so for design reasons, however this plant is staying put - have been told not to move it, or it will die.

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  1. Lovely to meet you to and have a wonderful Christmas. Don't forget to wear that dress in so I can see it.