Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Show Details

Christmas has come early - yah!!    Had always wanted to own one of the Show Details mags and now I have 2!!   I subscribed just in time for the Milan and Paris editions to arrive, which they did last week.

Milan & Paris Spring/Summer 2011

Gaetano Navarra - Milan 

I am so lucky to have these - they are not quite the size for reading in bed - they are huge, but it's so good to have some details on the garments - get's the imagination working - a bit like an inspiration board, which is still on the "To Do List".   Jess is going to love these mags, when she comes home for Christmas.


  1. Those are amazing! You'll have to do a later post with your absolute favorite from each show; I imagine we would all love to see :)

    And I am excited to see your dress, it looked great in the sneak peek!!

  2. Thankyou - I'm Googling as we speak!