Saturday, December 11, 2010

Storage box for sewing needles

Just to set the record straight from the beginning - THIS IS NOT MY IDEA!!!!  I found it on Bunny's blog La Sewista, a tip which she found on a tv show.   Am sharing this as I felt it was a great idea - always love to use alternative things to store my sewing bits - I like to be organised.  Also, found here in Australia, we don't have the same products as the US, so finally, after checking out 6 chemists, found one that stocked HUGE pill boxes - perfect for storing the needles.  This is how is goes:-

Ezy Dose 7 Pill Reminder

Found this Ezy Dose 7- day Classic Pill Reminder ($13.95 at Pharmore Pharmacy),which is the perfect size for storing your Schmetz needles.  Ps. Take your needle case with you for size.

Ezy Dose

This is not the same brand as Bunny's (Rite Aid Soft Touch) - it doesn't have the soft touch spring opening tab, which would be great, but this still will do the trick.

Adhesive strips

Next have to cover the dates on top.  I bought these adhesive strips, $5.20 from the newsagents, large enough to cut out to size and cover the dates.

Cut adhesive strips to size and place on lids, covering the date and Large Letter.

Completed covering tabs

PS - Also do the same to the inside lids.

Love my labeller

Next label your tabs - I have a brother labeller and label just about everything - well almost everything.

Compartments labelled 

This is the finished product and you can take your sewing needles with you, if going on sewing retreats or lessons.  

Needles fit perfectly

Again, thanks to Bunny for sharing her idea.