Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vogue 8511 - Photo Shoot

Was finally able to take some photos of Jess in her dress.  We went shopping on Saturday (Melbourne City) for a bit of therapy.  Jess loves to dress up and this was the first time I'd seen her in her Vogue 8511.  It is such a great pattern - highly recommended.  The only thing I had to alter was the bodice seam, as Jess is high waisted.  I used her body double to actually make this dress and to my amazement fitted like a glove.

Walking into the Royal Arcade

I really like this shot - a bit blurred but a great effect.

Fun window shopping

The Audrey Look

Paint 'N 'Powder Perfumery

Am so happy to have her home, albeit for 11 days (but who's counting).  Will have to make the most of our time together.  Facials tonight!!! after a hard day of shopping - loved every minute.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hitchcock's Birds

I told Jess about this beautiful Roberto Cavalli fabric named "Hitchcock's Birds".  In the late 40's my mother-in-law went to Arts College in Sydney with Rod Taylor (yes the actor).   She recalls that he was a handsome chap - hence, my husband is named after him.  Jess thought it would be appropriate to have a dress made from this fabric - as Rod Taylor starred in the film "The Birds" - yes, any excuse to buy this fabric.  Seriously, it's a stunning design.

Hitchcock's Birds

The fabric - Hitchcock's Birds - Roberto Cavalli, 100% silk purchased from Tessuti (Melbourne) and still available.

Vogue 8486

Will be making View 'B' but shortening the sleeves and possibly making them bell shaped or even with a small ruffle - yet to be decided.

Vogue 8486 - Pucci fabric

About a year ago, I made Jess this dress using this pattern -  Pucci silk jersey.   I altered the sleeves and made them bell shaped - I think this pattern will still work with the Cavalli fabric.

Pattern layout

This is the pattern layout so far, will look stunning when finished.  Jess is coming home in a week's time so will post the results.  Hopefully all will go to plan.