Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vogue 8511 - Photo Shoot

Was finally able to take some photos of Jess in her dress.  We went shopping on Saturday (Melbourne City) for a bit of therapy.  Jess loves to dress up and this was the first time I'd seen her in her Vogue 8511.  It is such a great pattern - highly recommended.  The only thing I had to alter was the bodice seam, as Jess is high waisted.  I used her body double to actually make this dress and to my amazement fitted like a glove.

Walking into the Royal Arcade

I really like this shot - a bit blurred but a great effect.

Fun window shopping

The Audrey Look

Paint 'N 'Powder Perfumery

Am so happy to have her home, albeit for 11 days (but who's counting).  Will have to make the most of our time together.  Facials tonight!!! after a hard day of shopping - loved every minute.


  1. She looks beautiful and that fabric is stunning on her! Have fun while she is home :)

  2. I love the dress! It is so effortless looking--just pure classic! Very well done.

  3. My word. She looks lovely!
    I just sent this link to my 22 year old who wants me to make her a dress.
    Sheer lovely, and the arcade brings back wonderful memories of The Strand Arcade(I am a Sydney sider residing in the U.S).
    Please tell me more about the fabric and the fabric of your black dress.

  4. Thanks Joanne - email on its way.

  5. Replied to Joanne - This was a designer end fabric purchased 1 yr ago - Bracewell is the designer (no longer available). The black dress, I think you are referring to, is Hitchcock's birds - that's a Tessuti fabric (still available). Yes, The Strand is beautiful too. Hope this didn't make you home sick. All the best. E.

  6. My friend Joanne sent me your way and I'm so glad she did! This dress you made for your daughter is lovely. Well done.

  7. Very Audrey Hepburnesque, really beautiful dress.