Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not another Schoolhouse Tunic!!

As promised, have made this tunic for Jess.  It is such a wonderful and easy pattern - didn't have to make any alterations - none whatsoever.  Just cut, sew, hemmed and voila!!!

Took this shot just before leaving for the airport - good thing it was a coolish day, so she could wear her tunic and boots. 

Pattern:   Schoolhouse Tunic from "SewLiberated"
Fabric:   Osaka Snowflakes (Japanese 100% cotton) purchased from Tessuti Fabrics.
               Sold out.  Hopefully more on the way because I just love Japanese cottons.

Perfect outfit for Uni

Jess really loves her tunic and the fabric is just perfect!!  It is not black but a french navy - sorry pics doesn't show the colour well.  

I didn't use elastic on the sleeves, as the pattern suggested, but made a little cuff - it's a nicer finish, in my opinion, and suits it perfectly.   Have decided to add this feature to my tunic.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Birds" ready to fly

Jess is now ready to go back to her second home  (Canberra) to start uni.  She scored quite a few pieces, which I sewed up.  This is one of them - 'Hitchcock's Birds'.

Pattern:  Vogue 8486

Fabric:    Hitchcock's birds still available at Tessuti Fabrics

This fabric is really beautiful 100% silk - delicate but worth it.  I would probably choose another pattern, if I were making this again.   Added a zip at centre back (this pattern has no zips as the fabric should have been a stretch) and the pleats on the front bodice would sit better if it were a stretch fabric, but overall, I'm pleased that it did turn out.  

Note to self:  Fabric suggestions - there for a reason.

Oops - no shoes!  We're in a hurry to take the pics.  

Friday, February 4, 2011

Schoolhouse Tunic

I first saw this pattern on Nicola and it looked great.   She has recently made another one in a beautiful japanese cotton.   I wanted mine to be more like a dress but will probably make it shorter next time and wear leggings for winter...hmmm (as if I haven't enough things to sew already).

Pattern:-    Sew Liberated - Schoolhouse Tunic
Fabric:       Linen (no longer available) from Tessuti Fabrics

Linen fabric

Spotted some linen in the Remnants table which I thought would be perfect for this tunic (fabric no longer available) -  there was just enough to make it in my length.   Pattern was so easy to make and I really enjoyed sewing with this fabric.

Trim from Bustle & Bows

I saw a few versions of this tunic on the Sewliberated blog site and the ruffles version really appealed to me, so decided to add this feature on mine, including some Mokum trim.

Easy method

I had never used this method before but I really liked the construction - you attach the sleeve onto the bodice and then sew the sleeve and side bodice seams (easy) - picture explains it better than I can.  I might try this method out on other patterns.

Opening and ruffles

I did make two alterations, one being to take the waist in a bit, as I wanted more of an  'A' line effect rather than just straight down.  The other was to sew up the opening, 9 cms (3.5 inches) from the seam. 

Jess loved it too - so one's on the way for her  - perfect dress for Uni campus.  As for me, will wear this to work, but need to co-ordinate with Nicola, or else we'll look like twins.

Oh well, back to the cutting table for me - HUGE amount of sewing to be done.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Glimpses in the Garden

Some images of my garden - haven't posted in a while.  Too busy sewing and the days have been too hot to be gardening (40 Celsius).

Golden Orb Web

Just had to take pictures of these beautiful cobwebs - fortunately were in the garden rather than the pathway -  lucky as I usually get a face full of cobwebs.

View against pergola

Shot with the sunlight in the background - hence the haze.

Crown Princess  Margherita (David Austin) Climbing Rose

This is such a prolific rose - lovely colour and perfume.

Echinops - Veitch's Blue (Globe Thistle)

I love this globe thistle - spreads well, but not invasive.

Wooden Toadstools

Can't wait for autumn - favourite time of the year.  That's when I do most of my gardening - wander in the garden, first thing in the morning coffee cup in hand - in the fog - love it!!