Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Glimpses in the Garden

Some images of my garden - haven't posted in a while.  Too busy sewing and the days have been too hot to be gardening (40 Celsius).

Golden Orb Web

Just had to take pictures of these beautiful cobwebs - fortunately were in the garden rather than the pathway -  lucky as I usually get a face full of cobwebs.

View against pergola

Shot with the sunlight in the background - hence the haze.

Crown Princess  Margherita (David Austin) Climbing Rose

This is such a prolific rose - lovely colour and perfume.

Echinops - Veitch's Blue (Globe Thistle)

I love this globe thistle - spreads well, but not invasive.

Wooden Toadstools

Can't wait for autumn - favourite time of the year.  That's when I do most of my gardening - wander in the garden, first thing in the morning coffee cup in hand - in the fog - love it!!


  1. And we have snow snow and snow.

    Any frangipani or hydrangea bushes??????
    Very lovely roses........

  2. That globe thistle is beautiful! I absolutely love the color. And your roses are stunning. No garden while I am here in Rome, so I will just have to admire yours :)

  3. I have to get a globe thistle! So amazing. Ive been in denial about my gardening. Again. I ran into a spiderweb last night though but I kind of love spiders.
    I smelt something fantastic on my walk tonight. I bet you would know what it was. Im thinking Daphne is out right now isnt it?
    Beautiful images, x

  4. No, sorry, the daphne's flowering season in winter, spring, but it could be the mock oranges, which are in flower now. Mine is a hedge and it just flowering. Not sure what it would be, but a walk sounds good!! Need to get back into walking, but the hot weather stops me, as well as a number of other things.

  5. Hi Joanne - I'd love a bit of snow right about now - so humid here and cyclone Vasi is ready to hit Townsville - up North have had it so bad lately - hope everyone is safe.

  6. Hi Maggie - I guess not many gardens in Rome, except near Villa Borghese - have you been to the Villa? It's amazing. Cheers from Australia.

  7. The Orb spiders make such spectacular webs don't they? I took photos the other night of one in my garden with the spider in the centre.

    I love the roses and thistles :)