Monday, March 7, 2011

Inspiration Board

I've wanted to make an inspiration board for a while now and since my sewing area is now clean and tidy, thought it was the perfect time to make one.

Purchased a cork board 900 x 600 at Bunnings (hardware store).   The cork board isn't the best quality, cork is a bit hard, so might have difficulty driving the pins into the cork.  So I decided to place one sheet of flute board ($7.90 from Bunnings) onto it and cover with some neutral material.

Flute board is very light and is honeycombed inside - hard to explain and sorry forgot to take a picture in my rush to complete the board.   I have used this on the wall just above my sewing bench and am able to pin things to it.  Coincidentally the flute board was the same measurement as the cork board so was able to just place on top and staple some neutral material with the good old staple gun.

Clear tacks

Also purchased some tacks from Kiki K which are clear - so it doesn't interfere with the pictures.

Viola -  my inspiration board is now finished.

Now my sewing room is complete with this board.  All I need to do now is spend some spare time (what's that) cutting out pictures.


  1. Is that Stella Tennet I spy? I LOVE HER!

  2. Mais bien sur!! Paper bags would look good on her!!