Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lots of bears and a lion

Last year my sister and I did a felting course at Bustle & Bows, one of my favourite shops to visit.  Thought we do something different and fun.   We booked into Glynis Nolt's course - Needle Felted Bear.  We had so much fun learning a different technique and meeting lovely folk who, like us, had never done felting before, but we found it very relaxing and enjoyable.   Funny how all our bears turned out differently and with personality and one with attitude !!  Just take a look at the bear with the affro!!

Group shot

Okay, it's not an affro - this bear (won't mention his name) decided to be a lion.  Not sure what really happened in the process,  but that's the way it evolved - was quite interesting to see the differences between all our works.  Needless to say, we had some laughs along the way.

Spot the lion

Poor lion, was a bit embarrassed that he didn't look like the others - he just wanted to be called 'a lion' - so we did.  

My bear

My bear sits proudly on the shelf in the sewing room - I think he needs a partner!  But that's another project.   Sometimes it's nice just to do something different.


  1. They are seriously cute and I love the way they all have personalities. And very happy bears too.

  2. SO cute!! I like how everybody is sitting together:) I wish I could have one on my sewing table as well!

    By the way, thank you very much for all your words. I have been encouraged a lot!