Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sewing Room - Clean up

Remember  my  Sewing Room Make-over  well it has been finished for a while now but have been so busy sewing etc. that I haven't had time to post.  So here it is:-

Linen fabric from Amitie

You know that awkward area under the stair that disappears into a wedge, well I've used this area for storage items that I don't want to be seen and made a curtain from this linen fabric from Amitie.

Storage area - nook

This area is just on the right as you enter "the nook", and I basically keep things here that I don't access very often.  Mostly old quilting fabrics and crafty things.  You never know when I'll get back into making another quilt.

Storage boxes - sewing things

This is the view as you enter the nook.  These storage boxes are for my sewing fabrics/patterns/lining etc.   I've also labelled all the containers - just can't help myself.

Before the clean up

Some of my stash

I just can't resist buying fabric for that rainy day.  It also gives me inspiration for patterns.  Can you tell I like grey and Chanel.   Have recently added japanese cottons on my list of favourites.

Material board - cut down

Some beautiful linen which I have folded using a fabric board, which was going to be thrown out.  Cut down to size - it keeps the fabric flat and tidy.  

Sewing room after clean-up

I'm really happy that I've been able to clean this room up.  After a bit of sewing of late (where are the posts? - DD hasn't sent me pics yet so can't post)  anyway, I needed to reclaim a bit of space - mind works better without clutter.  Wanted to add some shelves up the top, but Mr R said that I should re-design the pigeon holes - I like the way he thinks!!

That's another project - not sure how to re-design this area.   Some would say that it looks fine but the storage area is quite deep and wastes space.   Any suggestions???

Projects in the pipeline - 2 coats and 1 shirt - hopefully finished before winter is over.


  1. So wonderful that you have a designated sewing space - am very jealous. i use the dining room table (which is terrific) but I'm constantly cleaning up and putting things away. So I tend to sewing in large blocks of time. Great job with the clean up too.

  2. Leisl and I were just discussing the lack of posting around these parts yesterday, your ears must have been burning!

    Can i hire you to organise my sewing space? and maybe the rest of my house too? ;)

  3. I have 'sewing room' envy...B.I.G time!!!! You're creative space looks heavenly Evelyn.