Monday, April 11, 2011

RTW - Tailoring Sewalong (My Coat)

Jessica wanted me to make her a coat - peacoat actually, so I'm gathering pics and patterns that I can alter to make her a Chloe look alike, which she has chosen - yep never easy with my daughter, makes me raise that bar.

Made a tiny, okay big mistake purchasing her fabric -  picked the wrong colour (Ouch!!) so I've scored some fabric for moi to make a coat -  I actually don't own one, so this was quite fortuitist on my part - no, really it was an accident, as the colours were very similar.

I'd always wanted to join a sewalong, so this was the perfect opportunity to join the RTW Tailoring Sewalong by Sherry.   The pattern I've chosen is quite simple - unlike Jess' coat which will be complicated - and yes I've bought her the correct fabric - phew!!

Project Details

Pattern:            Burda 8292
Fabric:             Valentino (85% wool 15% cashmere) from Tessuti Fabrics.
Lining:              Fendi
Sewing Kitty:    $0.00

Burda 8292

Decided to do View 'A' but not as long, just to the knees.   Purchased some cheap material $4.99 p/m and made a mock coat - easy to put together.  Found that from the waist down I needed to increase one size, top size 14 waist down size 16.  This was a good experience, as with expensive fabric, you don't want any mistakes - yeh, like pick the wrong colour!!

Fabric and Lining

Lining is Fendi but looks more like Burberry - don't mind.  I could have picked something WILD - a bit different, but my 'safe mode' was on at the time.  Maybe next time.

Placing the pieces

Am now up to date, but I did make a mistake and didn't block fuse -  I actually cut the fusing, and pattern together ie fusing, fabric, pattern together and then I cut.  Am now ready to put my pieces together but I need to remember that I'm following a sewalong and not to get carried away.

Oh well, this gives me time to start working (testing) on Jess' peacoat, together with all the other trappings of daily life - I won't list them all.....till next time.  Happy Sewing!