Monday, April 11, 2011

RTW - Tailoring Sewalong (My Coat)

Jessica wanted me to make her a coat - peacoat actually, so I'm gathering pics and patterns that I can alter to make her a Chloe look alike, which she has chosen - yep never easy with my daughter, makes me raise that bar.

Made a tiny, okay big mistake purchasing her fabric -  picked the wrong colour (Ouch!!) so I've scored some fabric for moi to make a coat -  I actually don't own one, so this was quite fortuitist on my part - no, really it was an accident, as the colours were very similar.

I'd always wanted to join a sewalong, so this was the perfect opportunity to join the RTW Tailoring Sewalong by Sherry.   The pattern I've chosen is quite simple - unlike Jess' coat which will be complicated - and yes I've bought her the correct fabric - phew!!

Project Details

Pattern:            Burda 8292
Fabric:             Valentino (85% wool 15% cashmere) from Tessuti Fabrics.
Lining:              Fendi
Sewing Kitty:    $0.00

Burda 8292

Decided to do View 'A' but not as long, just to the knees.   Purchased some cheap material $4.99 p/m and made a mock coat - easy to put together.  Found that from the waist down I needed to increase one size, top size 14 waist down size 16.  This was a good experience, as with expensive fabric, you don't want any mistakes - yeh, like pick the wrong colour!!

Fabric and Lining

Lining is Fendi but looks more like Burberry - don't mind.  I could have picked something WILD - a bit different, but my 'safe mode' was on at the time.  Maybe next time.

Placing the pieces

Am now up to date, but I did make a mistake and didn't block fuse -  I actually cut the fusing, and pattern together ie fusing, fabric, pattern together and then I cut.  Am now ready to put my pieces together but I need to remember that I'm following a sewalong and not to get carried away.

Oh well, this gives me time to start working (testing) on Jess' peacoat, together with all the other trappings of daily life - I won't list them all.....till next time.  Happy Sewing!


  1. Hi Evelyne, looks great so far and look forward to seeing the final result. Excuse my ignorance, what do you mean by "block fuse"?

  2. Hi Suellen - block fusing - to fuse the whole block of fabric - fuse your interfacing onto the whole fabric (uncut fabric) then place your pattern, then cut out - ie fabric is backed with fusing so you don't need to cut out separate pattern pieces of interfacing - did I explain that? not sure. Hope that helps - I understood before, but the brain wasn't in sync.

  3. Looking good Evelyne - I better get going!!