Thursday, May 19, 2011

Autumn glory

Autumn would have to be my favourite seasons - and this is when my garden comes to life.  I don't have many flowering plants but prefer to let leaf colour and texture be my flowers.

Just some pics of 'autumn glory' in my garden.

Vitis Coignetiae" Crimson Glory Vine"

I've planted a Vitis Coignetiae, Crimson Glory Vine, which originates from Japan.  It's growing over my steel pergola, made by Graham of Gardens of Steel.   It's a large growing deciduous climber which looks fantastic in autumn and summer.  I just love looking up into all the paths that the vine takes on its journey along the pergola.

Huge leaves 

 The colour of these leaves actually turn a rich red - this picture doesn't do it justice really.  Must try my husband's camera next time.

Pleached Manchurian Pears

Yellow is my next favourite colour.  I matched this colour with the burgundy foliage - need yellow so that the garden doesn't go into a 'gothic'mood', when you have too much burgundy/dark foliage.

Part of the parterre 

Acer "Bloodgood"  front garden

Now it's time to go and pick up all the Plane Tree leaves in my front nature strip garden.  

Thursday, May 5, 2011

RTW Sewalong - The coat so far

Okay -  this is the coat so far.   Have a bit to sewing to catch up on, so today, before work, I'll endeavour to sew the sleeves and lining.  Aim is to finish the coat this weekend.

RH side lapel - must re-do

Had a bit of trouble sewing the corners of the collar - this is my first collar, so I'm using this as an excuse.  Viewing the photo, the right-hand side is perfect (I think) but the left-hand side is bugging me - see how it curls up a bit.  After investigation, found that there was just a little bit of extra fabric on the under collar, so this will have to be re-done.  So far it fits perfectly, so cross fingers the sleeves will be okay too.  

I think I'll pick out my buttons today - hoping it will give me the inspiration to finish sooner.  I just need to time manage my days that's going to happen.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I just love zips - I wish we were able to get more varied ones here in Australia.   My favourite zips are RiRi - zips.  My sister and brother-in-law (he's Swiss) have just come back from Switzerland and she managed to visit a shop in St Gallen (RiRi Mayer) - zip heaven!!  I gave her some swiss francs and my  wish list.  The first zip on the list was this one:-

Strass 10

Double crystals

Well that's where it stopped.  Could only afford 1 zip, so decided it better be a special one.  No point buying invisible zips that no-one could see.  This zip will be for an evening jacket (no fabric or pattern as yet).  So the outfit will be built around this zip.

My sister also brought back for me a packet of selected zips which were on special - 9s/francs.

I'll find some use for them in the future.  The workmanship is beautiful.  Reminds me of the old days, when zips were metal and not plastic.

A bit far to go for zips, but I've been told that you can order from them and they ship o/s - yippee!!  The weird thing was that I actually visited St Gallen in 2009 and never knew they were there....oh well, I'll just have to go back.  By the way, St Gallen is a beautiful city to visit and don't miss out on seeing the Textitle Museum - St Gallen is especially renowned for their lace.  I will definitely go back as we really enjoyed our stay there.

Some more pics from the shop.......

Hope you enjoyed the zip tour.  Next post.....yes, the coat, not finished but on the way.