Thursday, May 19, 2011

Autumn glory

Autumn would have to be my favourite seasons - and this is when my garden comes to life.  I don't have many flowering plants but prefer to let leaf colour and texture be my flowers.

Just some pics of 'autumn glory' in my garden.

Vitis Coignetiae" Crimson Glory Vine"

I've planted a Vitis Coignetiae, Crimson Glory Vine, which originates from Japan.  It's growing over my steel pergola, made by Graham of Gardens of Steel.   It's a large growing deciduous climber which looks fantastic in autumn and summer.  I just love looking up into all the paths that the vine takes on its journey along the pergola.

Huge leaves 

 The colour of these leaves actually turn a rich red - this picture doesn't do it justice really.  Must try my husband's camera next time.

Pleached Manchurian Pears

Yellow is my next favourite colour.  I matched this colour with the burgundy foliage - need yellow so that the garden doesn't go into a 'gothic'mood', when you have too much burgundy/dark foliage.

Part of the parterre 

Acer "Bloodgood"  front garden

Now it's time to go and pick up all the Plane Tree leaves in my front nature strip garden.  


  1. Beautiful pictures! Oh, the colors! I am envious.

  2. You have a beautiful garden Evelyne! I must come over to visit it (and you of course) one day ;)

  3. Nic - you are most welcome - kids too!!!!

  4. Ooooh, I envy you! I'm a landscape architect without a garden (can you believe it), yours looks fabulous! I especially like that japanese vine.
    I'm very greatful you post the latin names (I'm a plant-geek).
    Great hobbies, sewing and gardening ;-)