Thursday, May 5, 2011

RTW Sewalong - The coat so far

Okay -  this is the coat so far.   Have a bit to sewing to catch up on, so today, before work, I'll endeavour to sew the sleeves and lining.  Aim is to finish the coat this weekend.

RH side lapel - must re-do

Had a bit of trouble sewing the corners of the collar - this is my first collar, so I'm using this as an excuse.  Viewing the photo, the right-hand side is perfect (I think) but the left-hand side is bugging me - see how it curls up a bit.  After investigation, found that there was just a little bit of extra fabric on the under collar, so this will have to be re-done.  So far it fits perfectly, so cross fingers the sleeves will be okay too.  

I think I'll pick out my buttons today - hoping it will give me the inspiration to finish sooner.  I just need to time manage my days that's going to happen.


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