Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Back

Yes, after 24 days of touring Canada/Alaska, have returned trying to get into that "routine".

Had a wonderful time touring from Vancouver, Rocky Mountaineer train (which I would do again and again - it was brilliant), Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Victoria Island, and then on a cruise through the Alaskan passage to the glaciers and fjords.   Loved Vancouver and the people were so friendly - lots of Aussies there, especially in hospitality.

Photos - I have lots (1545), but here are just a few.

Moose greeting us at Port

 Unfortunately - had my camera set for B&W - He didn't mind.

View from our Room in Banff

 Stayed at The Fairmont - Banff and this hotel has seriously got the WOW factor - look at that view.  This was taken through glass window - sorry.

Glacier Bay - Alaska

This is one of the shots taken at Glacier Bay Alaska - the ship turned 360 degrees (very slowly) so we could all take in the views.

Spotted a bear - from the bus

 On the bus, we were told to look out for bear and deer - every time someone spotted something you heard - "Bear on the left" or "Deer on the right"......we soon got the hang of taking pictures really quickly.

Deer - at Banff

We loved Canada and ready to see the East coast now - okay, maybe not quite yet, need to save up again.  We travelled with APT and I have to say "yes we were the youngest" but we met some lovely folks and APT was exceptional in every respect - highly, highly recommended.

We are considering for our next trip to go with APT and do Broome into the Kimberley's. 

Okay - now back to reality and a lot of sewing and gardening to do.  Fortunately, the garden looked after itself, but the sewing - well that's going to take a bit longer. 

It's back to work and reality.


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