Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RTW - Tailoring Sewalong - C'est fini!!!!

A while back I joined Sherry's RTW Sewalong to make a coat.  All was well, but then went on holidays so the coat didn't quite make the finish line - never mind.

On my return, all that was left to do were the buttonholes, but I dragged my feet a bit.  Next, had to take photos - which I kept on forgetting.  Finally remembered my camera and got some shots taken yesterday at work.   It's finished and I've been wearing it non stop - I just love it.   Perfect for Melbourne's winter - did I mention I love winter.

Excuse the crinkled linen dress

This colour is true

The colour in this picture is pretty true to life.  It's an unusual colour - I think.

Lining & Buttons
Had trouble matching buttons but found these at Tessuti and they matched perfectly.    I cheated and had the buttonholes done by Melbourne Tailoring Services - Guiseppe, the owner, was lovely - each keyhole costs $4.00 - well worth it for a professional look.

Am now making Jess a coat and Tessuti's New York Cape.  She's keeping me busy these days.

Oh - she's back home now and I'm so happy!!  


  1. Thanks Amy, I really did enjoy the Sewalong too and learned so much from Sherry. I really love your trench coat - that looks quite involved and difficult to make. I took the easy way out for my first coat but am inspired by yours to make something more challenging.

  2. What a gorgeous coat! I thoroughly enjoyed the Ready-To-Wear Tailoring Sew-Along, and I hope to make another coat sometime in the coming winter (as it's summer for me right now!) using the tips and tricks again. I, too, was slow choosing buttons and doing the buttonholes. I didn't think to go the professional route. I ended up using a traditional buttonhole from my machine. One is a little wonky, but I imagine no one will notice but me! Happy sewing!

  3. Beautiful! You did a fabulous job, i'm tempted to nick it!

  4. Thanks Alexandra - it is so warm and comfy to wear.

  5. Thanks Suellen - just about done. All I have to do is sew the wool binding. Will post soon.

  6. Great looking coat and the button hole were definitely worth it. I'll be trying the New York Cape pattern when I get back home as well. Can't wait to see how it makes up, so I'll look forward to seeing yours done.

  7. Gorgeous coat! Looks like it was worth every bit of work that you put into it. I love the topstitching on the collar.