Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Coat for Jess

Some time back (hasten to add a few months), bought some fabric to make Jess a coat - ready for our winter. Did not commence this coat as was unsure what she wanted and she was interstate, so this was not a priority, at the time.  Now she's back home and I've got my skates on, as you can imagine -  the list is growing.

Project Details

Pattern:            Burda 7458
Fabric:             'Camel' Valentino (85% wool 15% cashmere)
Where:              Tessuti Fabrics (Melbourne)
Lining:             Red Fendi

Version "C" but shorter

Red lining to follow the Valentino theme

Making version 'C' but a lot shorter - more like a jacket.  Jess is not tall so a long coat would swamp her.   Cut out size '8' but found that this was way too big so had to re-sew the seam allowance at 2cm on all seams, which did the trick - it now fits.

Another problem, was that the sleeve heads gave me grief!!!   I followed the instructions, but for the life of me, couldn't get the ease to work.  It puckered just in front of the sleeve.  I honestly can say that I have spent more time on the sleeves than sewing the coat.   Even Nic sent me "seamless sleeve vibes".

Easing stitches

I promptly checked my 'favourite tutorial list' and remembered this tutorial,  from where I learnt the 'lots of pins' trick.  However, what I didn't do is 'read' this tute properly, so continued to sew the ease stitches.  Nic's vibe must have worked - went back into the tute and then the light-bulb was turned on!!!  I'm a stupid idiot - not reading this properly - Don't sew the easing stitches!!!!!!

NO easing stitches!!

I methodically divided the fabric using the pins and with "fingers crossed" sewed the sleeve - IT WORKED!!  Cannot tell you how relieved I was when it turned out perfectly.

Look - no puckering!!

Am now sewing the lining and used this method on the lining sleeves, with success!!!

Sneak peek - buttons!!

Hooray!!  I'm now on track and nearly ready to have the buttonholes done (professionally).  I do have a bit of a dilemma - pattern calls for the buttonholes to be vertical not horizontal - has anyone made vertical buttonholes and, if so, what were the issues - would love to find out.   Will need to discuss this with the tailor before he starts.

Need to finish this before winter is over.  Jess is back in Canberra for the weekend, so I'm aiming for this to be the finish date - Chilly Canberra - a coat is what she needs!!!!!


  1. That is a lot of pins! Glad it worked out perfectly for you.

  2. I KNEW my vibes would work ;)
    I made your salad, it's delicious. I'll be having somefor lunch tomorrow too. Xx

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! I can't wait to see the coat. The first garment that I ever made (that I was proud of) was a coat that looked vaguely similar to this one. I love it. I'm sure Jess will love this one!