Friday, September 30, 2011

No 3 Gather Drape Dress

Decided to make this dress for Jess - yes, she was thrilled.   I did make this dress back in July, but it has taken all this time to get some photos.

No 3 Gather Drape Dress

Had my eye on some 100% wool - Medium Navy Knit from Tessuti which would be perfect for this dress.   I only purchased 1.2m - since the fabric is wide 165cm and the pattern is cut on one piece, it was very economical.  

This book has some wonderful patterns which I have ear-marked - to add to Jess' Wish List.

I was a bit apprehensive, at first looking at all the gathering that was required.  Nic had already made it, so was able to give me some pointers, which was greatly appreciated.  Firstly, highlight the size before tracing - was going a bit cross-eyed there for a while - this really helped.  I added 2 cm in length as Jess doesn't like dresses too short.

No zipper required

Next, Nic had some problems with the zipper, which she subsequently took out.  Definitely - if you have a knit fabric, you don't need a zip.  

Love the gathering on the sleeves

The gathering was not hard to do - it's only gathering after all, I said to myself.  Sometimes, I do create in my mind the idea that it's difficult and start finding things to do -  sweeping floors, tidying up, making copious cups of tea -  everything other than the task at hand - JUST DO IT!!   Well, it was fine.  It was 8 o'clock at night and I literally sewed it up in a matter of an hour.  Don't know why it took me so long.

I couldn't believe it - was the simplest dress I've ever made - unlike other dress patterns.  It fits Jess perfectly and the colour - just right.  

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jess (Vest)

It has been a little while now that I've finished this vest.  Pattern was a little confusing to start with and had to learn the wrap and turn technique again.  Downloading videos was a great help.  This one I found to be the best - it's in french - Wrap & Turn video.

Jess vest

I had a few problems with interpreting the pattern - but then I much prefer french patterns - they are written with logic - sorry Rowan!!   I really like the finished result, so much so, that I'm considering making one for me - yes, even though the instructions gave me grief initially, I'm okay with them now.

Yarn:  Rowan Lenpur Linen - colourway - Tattoo - also in Ravelry.

A bit windy

Love the color

The vest turned out a little longer than the picture, but I guess it's also because the model might be tall.  Maybe it stretched when I blocked it - or maybe it has the tendency to stretch because of the drape.  Don't mind, it's fine that way.   Perfect for Spring weather here in Melbourne.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

McCalls 2094 - shirt

My sewing time has been hindered a bit by appointments lately, but managed to start this shirt for Jess - she's only been waiting for 1 year - she's very patient.

View "A"

Making View A - since this is my first shirt (hopefully not my last) will take the easy way out and make it simple.

I've always wanted to make a shirt, I find the details of some shirts, Ted Baker in particular,  quite interesting - bindings and directional plackets and using different fabrics.

Purchased this fabric from Tessuti as a remnant.  I have some more left over for a skirt for Jess, or maybe one for me...hmm.  Should start a list - getting a bit overwhelmed with all the WIP.

Better get a riggle on or else another year might pass - getting close to christmas - but who's counting.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Simplicity 3833 - Yet again

Now I have made this dress before, but this time Jess asked for the sleeveless version.

View 'C'

Definitely had to block-fuse this fabric.  Was initially going to send it to Sydney to a block-fusing company, but decided to do it myself instead.   I recently received my new Blocking Board, from Webs (US) which I initially purchased for blocking my knitting.

Upon reading the pamphlet, I discovered that I could iron on it - it is large enough and has grids to align my squares - perfect!!!  

Ready to block-fuse
Purchased fabric from The Fabric Store here in Melbourne.   Jess just couldn't resist this one.

Centre front seam - matching squares

Had to be very careful lining up the squares - have only cut and sewn the front and am happy that I was able to match the squares with the centre front seam - quite challenging for this fabric.  

Now ready to match/align the squares for the back to align with the sides of the front, before I cut. Need to remember - check/measure many times - cut once!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wisteria Bonsai

I just love wisteria but dare not plant one - it's too large, even though my steel pergola would probably handle the weight, if you disturb the roots, it will sucker - one thing which I'm trying to avoid in my garden.

Wisteria Sinensis 

So I've decided to train this wisteria as a bonsai - have kept it in it's original pot which will encourage a broader trunk and after a few years, will transfer to a bonsai pot.  In the meantime, will trim the roots to compensate for the trimming of the vine.

Have already started and trimmed the vine back quite hard last year and it has flowered beautifully.  Might need some help later from a bonsai expert to keep the vine trimmed correctly.

Flowers emerging

I'm treating this plant as a 2 year old as I purchased it one year ago and it was quite tall (at least one years growth).  If I see it in 50 years time - will definitely be celebrating - well that's something to look forward to - isn't it!