Thursday, September 22, 2011

McCalls 2094 - shirt

My sewing time has been hindered a bit by appointments lately, but managed to start this shirt for Jess - she's only been waiting for 1 year - she's very patient.

View "A"

Making View A - since this is my first shirt (hopefully not my last) will take the easy way out and make it simple.

I've always wanted to make a shirt, I find the details of some shirts, Ted Baker in particular,  quite interesting - bindings and directional plackets and using different fabrics.

Purchased this fabric from Tessuti as a remnant.  I have some more left over for a skirt for Jess, or maybe one for me...hmm.  Should start a list - getting a bit overwhelmed with all the WIP.

Better get a riggle on or else another year might pass - getting close to christmas - but who's counting.

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  1. Shirts are fun - I hope you enjoy making this one for Jess. I have a shirt on my to-sew list, but my work-in-progress list is, like you say, also a bit overwhelming. Somehow it's easier to start a new project than sew something on the progress list! Good luck and happy sewing!