Sunday, September 18, 2011

Simplicity 3833 - Yet again

Now I have made this dress before, but this time Jess asked for the sleeveless version.

View 'C'

Definitely had to block-fuse this fabric.  Was initially going to send it to Sydney to a block-fusing company, but decided to do it myself instead.   I recently received my new Blocking Board, from Webs (US) which I initially purchased for blocking my knitting.

Upon reading the pamphlet, I discovered that I could iron on it - it is large enough and has grids to align my squares - perfect!!!  

Ready to block-fuse
Purchased fabric from The Fabric Store here in Melbourne.   Jess just couldn't resist this one.

Centre front seam - matching squares

Had to be very careful lining up the squares - have only cut and sewn the front and am happy that I was able to match the squares with the centre front seam - quite challenging for this fabric.  

Now ready to match/align the squares for the back to align with the sides of the front, before I cut. Need to remember - check/measure many times - cut once!!