Sunday, January 1, 2012

Burda Skirt 126 (5/2011)

The colour green has been so popular this year, so when I showed Jess a sample, she immediately said "Yes, please!!"

Paris - Crepe de Chine (Fern)

Fabric:   Paris (Crepe de Chine) colour name - Fern.
          Purchased at Tessuti Fabrics (Melbourne).
          This fabric can be ordered, if sold out.

Pattern:  Burda 126 (5/2011) Skirt

Burda 126 - Skirt

Jess wanted a mullet skirt.  I don't really like most of the designs - some are way to short in the front and long in the back. 

Decided to use this pattern and alter the front cutting out the 'mullet' look.  I still had the option of shortening the skirt if it didn't work out - or later if she tires of the 'mullet' look.

One thing to be aware of is that the side pocket panel is cut on the bias.  I actually didn't see this grain line on the pattern, as the skirt panel, which sits above the pocket piece and is cut on the straight of grain - was really hard to see this and I only noticed when I looked at the pattern placement diagram - yep, it's there for a reason - I still have difficulty with all those lines.  This mistake actually worked out -  as using crepe de chine (which is not what the pattern calls for) would have made the pocket opening too severe (floppy).  Crossed fingers hoping I had done the right thing.

Made my own pocket insert as I didn't understand the instructions - could not figure out how to do the pocket or even if there was one. What can I say - I'm a visual person, so I sampled a pocket with insert myself and it worked beautifully.

Gathering on the skirt - the side panel (above the pocket) is gathered in two sections (why?)  I tried this and it was really awkward.  Decided to just gather the panel in one length - easier.   Measured her waist and made sure all the length of gathers added up - they did.  Forgot to trace to waistband, so just as easy to make my own.  Invisible zipper - couldn't find the exact colour, so I bought some cheap nail polish and painted the zipper pull - I'm like that when it comes to colour matching - you should see me when I try to match thread to fabric - has to be just right!!  I think it stems from my quilting days when colour matching was crucial, to me - ah, things we do!!

Next was the top - fortunately I had grabbed a remnant of 1m which was just enough to make this top.
She knew the design she wanted so using her block, I traced out her top pattern.

Jess' block

This was the first time I've done this using her block and drawing a pattern.  I was confident since it was a simple top, requiring no darts.

Muslin sample of top
Sample of the top which does include seam allowances, but which I didn't sew - just wanted to check the design.

Top and skirt - finished

I really enjoyed sewing this skirt and top and will definitely be making these two items again - next time a lightweight cotton would be nice.

Jess loves wearing her skirt and now she has a top to match - this is her New Year's Eve party outfit.


  1. LOVE it! Such a gorgeous outfit.

  2. Ooh! Love that gorgeous green colour. I'm assuming crepe de chine is silk? Awesome tip on the painting of the zipper pull - I'm definitely going to use that in the future! Your garden is absolutely stunning as well!

  3. Thanks Melissa - yes, it is 100% silk. It's my favourite.

  4. Gorgeous! I LOVE this shade of green.

    You'll be making them again? I know JUST the girl to wear them! ;)

  5. Thanks Nic - next is a top fern green, charcoal and black - 3 layers!! Watch this space.

  6. Just simply stunning, and she looks absolutely gorgeous in this outfit! Those pockets are awesome, and I love the drape-ylook along with that lovely hemline. And yes that shade of green is very "now"!

  7. It's gorgeous. You always pick lovely fabrics.

    1. Thanks Amy - Jess usually picks her own fabrics, but I love helping too.