Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Light-bulb moment

I wonder what is the trigger when you look at something and all of a sudden it hits you - "Why didn't I think of that before?"

It's called "a light-bulb moment".

When I purchased my overlocker over a year ago, I also purchased a base on which the overlocker sits and has a slot with a disposable bag underneath to drop your fabric and overlocking threads. I decided to use Glad Snap Lock, as the original bag was too small.  I think I was in a rush (will use this as the excuse, or else I'll look stupid) - and inserted the bag with the zipper at the top - I thought I was clever at the time...hmm, yes still thinking about that one!!

Babylock Imagine
Just the other day I needed to empty it as it was getting quite full - I looked at the bag and thought - hey, if I took that plastic bag and turned it upside down, all I would need to do is unzip the bag and the rubbish would fall out - this was my 'light bulb moment'!!!

Glad sandwich size bag with the bottom cut out

Inserted in the overlocker base

So this is the result - when I need to empty the bag, I just unzip it!!  How simple is that - don't know why it took me over a year to figure this out - okay, I'll admit - I "do now" and "think later" - better late than never, I say!


  1. What a fancy overlocker! Mine doesn't have a tray like that, my trimmings just go all over my knee and the floor!