Saturday, December 31, 2011

Outside table cloth

For a while now I have been quite frustrated with my outside table - needed to cover it.

Waterproof fabric

Bought this waterproof fabric so decided it was perfect for the job.  Needed to secure the tablecloth when it gets windy, so decided to try to somehow secure it like an ironing board.  Bought 7 metres of elastic and was now on my way.

Reversed the tablecloth and looked at the corners.  Hmm - decided to mould the shape of the corner and pin them into place.  As I pinned I marked along the line of the pins, either side - this way it gave me a sewing line.  I only decided to do this when I saw the shape of the corner and sewing was going to be the nicest finish.

Marked the pin line with a graphic pencil

Also pinned and marked the other side

I matched the drawn lines with a couple of pins and then sewed the corners.  I forgot and didn't leave one of the corners free - found out the hard way, the stitches came undone - not a problem, just secured with a safety pin (no one looks under there, except for Tiffany - the cat).

Sewed corner - great fit

This is the result after having sewn the corner - I'm absolutely stoked - it worked!!  Next to secure the length of the table cover - since I didn't use the elastic I decided to velcro it to the table.


Adding velcro under the table

This is the finished result - it didn't really take me that long - mind you I've had this waterproof fabric for just over a year.

The velcro keeps the fabric tucked under nicely and can be taken off easily.

Tiff likes it too

Now the table is complete and with the ornamental grape fully grown, it's a lovely place to sit even on a 35 celsuis degree day.   Party time!!!   Happy New Year!!!!!!!


  1. Oh you did it! I'd never have thought of velcro.


  2. How satisfying! Sounds like you are getting some pretty scorching weather over there - I think Sydney is still only up to spring weather so far.