Monday, January 23, 2012

Being productive

Being productive - not that I stand still for very long, like most of us juggle work, life and hobbies.  The productive side is the produce garden.

Lettuce grown in Greensmart Pots

Have tried couple of years ago to intermingle produce into my garden but this didn't work, as these vegetables required special nutrients which I was unable to give them - so hence the Greensmart garden pots.  They have been amazing - you can even fill the reservoir with plant food (liquid of course) and the plants draw these up - as nature intended. 

The spring onions you see were just store bought and I cut the ends and planted them.  Well what do you know they've grown very well. I don't bother buying them anymore, just cut and plant and in a few weeks you have new ones.  Cucumbers galore - and they taste fantastic when you grown your own.

David Austin rose - Evelyn

Couldn't resist having this rose in the garden, after all it has my name on it - Oh, I do spell my name with an "e" an the end, but I'm not fussed.  The perfume of this rose is amazing.

Crepe Myrtle

This is a gorgeous tree (some say it's a large bush) but mine has grown into a beautiful small tree.  I chose this colour to highlight the painted wall.

Glimpse of the wall

On the wall is a climbing hydrangea which hasn't flowered yet - still waiting.  This was planted 5 years ago - but I'm patient.  You have to be when you are a gardener.  In Autumn (Fall) this plant turns a beautiful yellow which goes beautifully with the magenta/purple wall.

Autumn - this is my favourite time of the year.  Must admit with a 34 C day would rather be next to a pool sipping on a cocktail - oh, I have two ponds but I'm working today.  Better get a wriggle on!!!


  1. I just love antique roses - how the petals curl around each other! And they always smell divine of course.
    I grew up on a farm - we kept sheep too to keep the grass down. On occasions they would escape their paddocks & rampage through mum's garden - they loved all the antique & naturally occurring roses - but wouldn't touch the hybrids! Always amazed me that they could obviously tell the difference!

    1. Your sheep had good taste - those perfumed roses would have tasted so good!!!