Monday, March 19, 2012

It's a Wrap

The director exclaimed - "It's a wrap"!!!  No, I'm not in the film industry - I've just finished my first wrap dress.

I've wanted to make a DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) wrap dress for such a long time.  Was googling one day and found this pattern (1610) on Ebay (another site which I spend too much time on).

Vintage Vogue 1610 

Considering that other patterns I've searched since are upwards of $40, I thought paying $28.00 (including postage) wasn't that bad - a bargain really.

The fabric is from Tessuti and it's called "Kissing Hearts" viscose/elastine.  Also available in red. There should still be some in the shop.

Kissing Hearts - Viscose/Elastine

I've been going to Mirta's place, an ex-Rmit sewing teacher to up-skill, fortnightly, so this dress has taken a bit longer than expected.  Alas, the warmer weather is slowly coming to an end (silently hooray) so have limited days to wear this little number.

Pattern size is 12 - had to grade-up - which Mirta showed me how to do.  Pattern was ready to be made up with some stretch fabric from my stash as a toile (sorry no pics).

The fit was fine but we didn't like the gathering around the waist, so we altered the pattern to eliminate the waist seam altogether - one pattern for the front and one for the back.   The sleeves seemed a bit passé, so changed these to cap sleeves.  Also curved the front neck a little instead of it being straight.

Bought some hideous and cheap fabric to test the altered pattern. After making up, I was really disappointed with the look of the dress (too embarrassed to take pics).  All I could see was horrible fabric and the dress looked bad.  I nearly gave up but was convinced to continue and just cut the original fabric - thanks Jess.

After a bit of procrastinating, I finally cut and made up the dress. Had a bit of a fiddle with the neck band but using my walking foot really helped.  So glad I did finish this, as I'm now happy with the fit and the pattern.

Through this exercise I've learnt that even though you like a pattern, there's always a bit of tweaking and changing that occurs, well for me it does, unless you're a perfect figure, in which case, I'm jealous!!!

Making a toile with the same type of fabric works well, in terms of fit, but not well in terms of the look, unless you pay a lot of money to buy fabulous fabric - in which case, why bother.  Hideous fabric always looks hideous but don't let it cloud your judgement, as it did mine - it's only a test garment.

Hopefully there will still be some fine weather for me to wear my dress to work - a cardi will help if the weather's bad.   Now I'm off to tan those legs!!!