Sunday, April 1, 2012

Caught in the Net

When this fabric came into the store - it sold out quickly.

Caught in the Net (Italy) 50% cotton and 50% acetate purchased at Tessuti.  Black still available in Melbourne.

Reverse of fabric

Top which I've copied
Purchased this top for Jess, as I wanted to copy it and bonus - it was on sale.

I've made this top twice already - once as a test in grey stretch (cheap fabric but Jess wears it anyway) and the other in merino wool, lovely deep green purchased at the Fabric Store when they had their sale.
This design really suits Jess, but this time she wanted one that was shorter in the back and longer at the front - more like a sweater, but still having that tapered look.   It's nice to see cropped fronts are still in trend.

Made the pattern, as per the above brief.   We decided to use the wrong side of the fabric for the dropped sleeves and a strip off the selvedge edge to use as a small collar.

As with most knits, overlocking all pieces before sewing is highly recommended to stop fraying.  To eliminate bulk, I hand sewed all the seams open, a task which I tend to leave for night time.

This top came together very quickly and Jess loves the fabric and top.  

"Ivory Smiles"

The black fabric is still available, so decided to purchase some to make a sweater for me too, in a different style.  

Sasanqua Camellia 'Setsugekka'

Camellia 'Setsugekka' flowering now in my garden.


  1. Love how you used both sides of the fabric!

  2. Totally gorgeous! Love the fabric against the autumn colours :) A beautiful bloom too!