Monday, May 14, 2012

To Do List

A "To Do List" on my blog - after reading Suellen's post,  decided it would be a great idea to also have a list of my projects on my blog.  Suellen kindly helped me set this up, as I didn't have a clue - thanks Suellen.  I now have my list which reminds me of what I have in the pipeline.

This 'list' is a better idea than just pieces of paper and projects lying all over the place.  I'm a visual person so having my projects with fabric/patterns laying on top ready to make is a good idea, but I'm also an organised person, meaning that, if there's a heap of mess about, I get confused and have to clean up - but if I clean up then the projects get put away - out of sight, out of mind - it just doesn't get done!!

So here is the start of my list:-

Pussy Bow Blouse (Pattern Runway) - for Jess.

Renfrew top - for me.

DKNY 1287 - for Jess

Now I can tidy up my room and have order but still refer to "the list" so that I don't forget my projects.

Thanks again Suellen.


  1. Pleasure - love your list. Lucky Jess!

  2. What a list! A fashionable list! And, as I always say, Jess is one lucky daughter!