Monday, October 8, 2012


When Jess returned home, after a 2 1/2 year stint in Canberra, her bedroom was in need of a major make-over.   She desperately needed lots of space for her collection of novels, a study area and plenty of book shelves for uni books etc.   Colour scheme - grey/white and hints of black (yes, she loves Chanel).

After some of this

and some of this

we decided to make her bedroom just that, a bedroom and designate the spare room a study area and sofa bed for visitors.

Painted her bedroom in Dulux "Harlem" and ordered custom made book shelves, which Rod painted in Dulux "Antique White USA" - colour of all the skirting, windows and doors.

Lamp and side table

A new lamp and side table was a great find - perfect for the look she was aiming for in her new room.

With plantation shutters, new bed and gorgeous bed linen by Sheridan, the room was finished, except for final touches like mirrors and pictures for the walls.  But at least she could move in.


To double as Jess' study area and sofa bed for visitors.

I had in the past visited The Comfort Shop and was very impressed - would love to have purchased one of these beds, but the reality was that the budget didn't allow for such an expenditure.  The other downside was that they didn't have DB only single and QS (phew - this surely saved me).  I still loved the concept, so decided to make my own Murphy style bed.

Staring at the cover of the Ikea book - was the answer.  "Billy" would surround the sofa bed.

For the sofa bed I purchased the Footstool Sofa from Skyways - if you check their website just scroll down and you'll see the sofa bed in action.  The mechanism is made in Italy and they are local furniture manufacturers in Moorabbin.  I know they're comfortable as I've slept on one before at my sister place.

Design:  Footstool Sofa
Size:  1530mm (to fit a 1600mm cavity)
Fabric:  Warwick - Base Camp Earth
Wall Paint : Dulux "Hog's Bristle"


Word of warning (disclaimer) - these cupboards were installed by Rod (hubby) with nails galore to be drilled into the studs - this was necessary as the only part of the units which were to be fixed into the wall was the backboard - yes the flimsy backboard, so if you are thinking of putting these up on the wall, please make sure you drill pieces of timber into the unit on the backboard, as we did - this will support the units and not put undue pressure on the backboard - something Ikea should have thought about with this design.  

Busy studying

A table length of 1.8m was required but there were none in that size.  A kitchen bench top was chosen and it's the perfect length and hardwearing too.  The supporting unit is Vika Annefors and just two table legs at the other end, to give her more room.

View at doorway - now more space

Before the area was filled with a Queen size bed and used as a dumping ground.  Now the space is utilised all the time.

Lack shelf fits perfectly in this area.  I think it creates a balance with the study area.


Cupboards on the left and right and 2 cabinets above - again, screwed together and attached to the side cabinets for support.  We wanted them to be flush to the wall but our 21 cms (9 inch) skirting boards wouldn't allow for this, so 18mm strips of wood nailed to the back of all the cabinets covered this gap.

Again - dramas with the middle horizontal cabinets - they are Billy but, for some reason, they are heavier than the bookcases.  Had to bolt them together for stability and attach a long piece of wood onto the studs and then attach the Billy cabinets to the wood.  Oh, the side bookcases are attached to the wall using brackets.  Is nothing simple!!!

Sofa bed/couch

Finally finished the bookcases and it was all worth it!!!   Damn - forgot to include lighting above the horizontal cabinets - oh well, will have to run the lighting up and to the back of the cabinets.  Now I need to add something in the cavity - looking a bit stark and bare.  Made a cushion cover in missoni fabric.

Made a new cover for the bolster with the same fabric as the sofa.   Have already used the bed twice and 10/10 was the score given for comfort.

Bed ready for use -  sorry out of focus

Now the room is used for study and stay overs.  Well worth all the effort and a fantastic job done by Rod (hubby).   He is now wondering what else is in store for him for the next project.....hmm my sewing room needs new overhead cupboards!!


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