Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vogue 8511 - surprise!!

There is no doubt that Vogue 8511 has been a winner!!   It also has made it on a website.

For those in Melbourne, Australia, there's the Royal Arcade - a fantastic arcade with gorgeous shops and a visit to this arcade is a must when visiting Melbourne - well it is for me.

A while back, I made Jess Vogue 8511, post found here.  I  photographed Jess in front of the shop window of Paint'n'Powder.   Sometime ago I received an email from the daughter-in-law of the owner of this shop, who was setting up her website, and asked if she could use Jess' photo.  Of course, I said 'yes' - what a surprise and honour!!!

If you want a special perfume, and can't quite decide, they have such a variety and also their knowledge is impeccable.  They are not driven by selling a particular brand - they pick perfumes that suit the customer.  

I'm pretty chuffed that Jess' photo made it on their website.    


  1. She looks so beautiful in her new dress! You are a wonderful Mum to make such lovely things for her :)

    1. Thanks Carolyn, you're pretty amazing yourself looking at all the things you make for all the family.
      Wishing you a fantastic 2013!!!

  2. Congrats to both of you! And why would they not use that photo? Clearly a model posing in a high fashion dress :) Both look fabulous!