Friday, December 28, 2012

Where have I been?

Yes, I've been a bit absent of late - a bit busy and not much sewing.  Hopefully, I'll get my blog-mojo back and start posting, sewing and gardening again.

Well as for the garden, it has been 2 years since I've seriously done any.  Why, because I've been working, albeit part-time, I've had to keep my hands pretty clean and manicured - gardener's hands and silk fabric just don't mix.

In September, I decided to hang up my scissors, primarily due to a pending operation (still waiting), travel plans now and future, and I also missed gardening.   I love working with fabrics and loved working at Tessuti, but my other passion is the garden, and this seriously needed my attention.  With all things considered, it was the right choice to make, and yes, I still go into Tessuti and checkout new arrivals and say 'hi' to all my friends.  It has been an amazing 2 years and I loved every minute of it, meeting people, sharing tips and hints and seeing the creations that customers made.  

My travels - in October my sister and I had the chance to go back to where we were born - Annecy, France.  A beautiful village in the Haute-Savoie region of the french alps - amazing!!  and meet up with my sweet Aunt Rose and cousins - after 50 years - which was also pretty amazing.  We will definitely be back to visit and share more special moments together.

While I have the time, and before it gets hectic next year, have decided to give my garden a make-over starting from the front verge to the backyard.  So, as well as some sewing, will be posting some gardening and maybe some cooking.

Lately I have been baking my own bread - which I had done in the past.  I was so spoiled in France with their bread that I can't bring myself to paying exorbitant prices for bread with french names attached - seriously, it is only flour, water, yeast and a few grains!!!  So I've been making my own baguettes and my family love them.  Recipe to follow soon!!

I wish all my followers and friends in blogsphere, a belated season's greetings but an early wish for a very happy, healthy and creative 2013.  

For now - I'm back in the garden and finishing some UFO's.

Cheers - Evelyne!!!


  1. Welcome back! Your trip to France sounded wonderful, maybe you have some pictures of the town?? And a garden make-over sounds exciting, as well as homemade bread. Can't wait to see more!!

  2. Welcome back Evelyne, even if only for a brief momento! Sometimes sewing needs to take a back seat - I totally get that. And I'm feeling a bit smug right now because I had wondered in the back of my mind if you had some French ancestry! Don't know why, but maybe it comes through in your aesthetic :) Sorry to hear your loves have had to be on the backburner - that can be frustrating. Here's to 2013 being better for you, and I hope you enjoy your time in the garden!
    Looking very much forward to some french bread recipes (my beau like to bake his own bread too, although I'm a coeliac so all I can do is enjoy the smells) and some updated gardening pictures :) Have a wonderful new years :)

    1. Thanks so much Melanie. Definitely will post that recipe and gardening pics. Wishing you a fantastic 2013 too!!

  3. Welcome back! Can't wait to read more!

  4. Oh my goodness, Annecy!!!! One of the most beautiful places I have visited. I really hope I can go back there one day.