Thursday, September 6, 2012

V8511 - Dress for the Ball

The days were nearing the Monash Law Faculty Ball.  Jess queued at 6.00 am to get tickets to the yearly event.   She asked if I could make her dress and she chose her favourite Vogue 8511.  However this dress was to be long and have a 'v' line back.

The pattern was easy to adjust/alter but the grade of the skirt front was a bit tricky, as the original dress has that tulip effect and I need to grade the pattern so that there was just enough fabric for her to walk - she didn't want a Mortisha Adams dress.

After a couple of calico toiles, was confident that I had the right pattern and commenced.  Fabric from Tessuti - Dark Empire Wool Crepe, a blue/red which suits Jess far better than an orange/red.

The pattern has a waist seam, so I made a small belt from the same fabric to hide the seam and made a bow for the back which sits on the belt.

She loves it and I'm so happy it has turned out - had a few wobbly feelings there for a minute, but fortunately it came out fine.

She wanted the 'v' back because her necklace chain would fall down her back - quite elegant.
A couple of shots and we were off "To The Ball".

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Burda Coat Dress

When  I first saw this coat/dress I immediately thought of this fabric - although the pattern calls for a wool crepe, which would look amazing, I wanted more of a dressier coat but not heavy - one that Jess could wear out at night over something lighter.

Fabric is wool with the other side poly (I'm not a poly fan but sometimes it is necessary).

Burdastyle 1/2012

I just love the different pieces and the style is so elegant.   This time I read the instructions carefully, as I sometimes have trouble with Burda, but funny how this particular pattern didn't give me any problems. Maybe I'm just getting use to them - about time!!

Fabric bought from Tessuti and it is black poly and charcoal wool - unfortunately sold out in Melbourne.

Managed to figure out how to sew and pivot - did a test to figure it out, but I ended up sewing the front without testing and then that lightbulb moment - do a test!!  and the rest was easy.

Jess preferred the shiny side to be on the shoulder front and back.    This is in fact the inside of the garment.  Overlocked the opened seams and only overlocked one of the seams and cut back the one that was going to sit under - creating less bulk.

Square point - using pivot method

I rolled the facing forward to allow the black shiny fabric to peep through to mimic piping.

Unfortunately the model was not wearing the right outfit underneath - wanted her to wear burnt orange, but if I had to wait any longer - it wouldn't get posted.  This coat/dress is great to wear on a spring night when you don't want bulk of a winter coat but the nights are still cool - and the look is more slim line for an evening outfit - not formal though.   

I really enjoyed making this.