Friday, March 29, 2013

Annecy, France

Last year (wow that sounds odd) - in October 2012, I visited my birthplace, Annecy, France and stayed with my cousin.   Thought I'd post some pictures of my visit of the old town.

This flower shop is amazing - they do love their window pots.  

This is The Thiou Canal which flows through the old city of Annecy - gorgeous flowers. 

Love this old town

Annecy's old town is built around waterways.

The old Gaol

Annecy's old goal is now a museum.  You can see that it sits between two channels of water.  Annecy is nicknamed the Venice of France.



Couldn't resist photographing these little beauties - no, didn't have one, so now I'll have to go back!!!

Seriously, I do miss this place and have plans of returning with my husband, hiring a car and driving around this beautiful part of France - oh, have to include Lyon.

Something funny - we were in the old town wanting to buy sunglasses for our visit to Mont Blanc (tallest mountain in Europe).  We checked out the optometrists and struck a conversation with Olivier.  He mentioned that he had a cousin in Melbourne, Australia.   My sister and I looked at each other - yeah, they all say that.   He said "he is a Chef", and we said "oh, yes, and who would that be?"  He said "Do you know Jacques Reymond"  Wow - here we are in little Annecy buying sunglasses in a shop being served by the cousin of Jacques Reymond - very famous French Chef in Australia.  We couldn't resist and took a photo.

Me, Olivier and my sister Liz
We had a wonderful time with our family and will definitely return.  

Since that time, have had quite a bit happening in the family.  My son's operation finally happened and it was a total success.  We can now look forward to being able to make plans for the future, without being left 'on hold' waiting for that phone call, a week's notice that the op is scheduled.  Am now looking forward to blogging more and sewing more - oh, yes, redesigning the garden is taking my time as well, but I love to be out there - it's my meditation time and I'm able to create, as I do with sewing.

I had an email from a beautiful lady Maggie, who inspired me to continue blogging.  She was concerned re: my absence, which I was really touched by.  Just to let everyone know that I will still blog, sew and plant.  Leaving for a R&R to Hawaii next week, so looking forward to returning with renewed vigour.