Thursday, April 25, 2013

French Baguettes

Sometime ago I found this recipe on the net.  It sounded great but never got around to making it, as I make my own using 'no knead' method.  One day I went to my girlfriend's place for lunch and tasted this beautiful home baked bread - it was the one I gave her - Domaine de l'Arlot's bread - yummy!!!

After having come home from visiting family in France, and tasting their beautiful bread, I decided on baking this bread but in baguette form.  Well it has been a hit ever since and I bake it at least twice a week - sometimes more.  I'll link the recipe and write up my version, which is actually halved because the recipe is too much bread for my baguette forms.

Domaine de L'Arlot's bread is featured on this website on wine - oh, my other vice!!!

You can use the whole recipe and just use half the dough one day and the other half on another day.  I like halving the recipe and using it once, as it doesn't take long to mix up and it frees up fridge space.

1 kg (3 cups) untreated flour - I have used 'No Knead',  Lowan,  Laucke and have used multi-grain, brown and Tuscan (I usually mix 1/2 and 1/2 - e.g. 1/2 white and 1/2 multi-grain)
475 mls lukewarm water
1 teaspoon salt (don't use less)
1 1/2 teaspoon yeast (I use dried which I keep in the freezer)

Mix all together and place in the fridge overnight to rise.   

Next day place dough on floured surface and form the bread - baguettes or leave round.
Oh,  I don't knead my bread. 

I halve my bread for 2 baguettes.

    Place the dough in your bakeware and spray with water before placing in the oven.  

You don't have to pre-heat your oven, just pop it in and when your oven reaches its temperature, turn the setting of your oven to bake.  I also, during the baking stage, spray the oven cavity with water - keeps the bread crisp - maybe three times in total - it's just a fine misty spray in the oven.

You could even place a container of water in the bottom to create a bit of humidity - but a spray bottle is fine.  Got this tip from a waiter when I commented on how the bread was crispy and mine wasn't turning out like that - he gave me this tip and it works for me.  Do you have other tips for crisping bread?


This recipe is no mess no fuss for me.  One thing I did do wrong one day is that I used the "Tuscan" flour - No Knead Bread, which has added sodium, so the bread came out a bit salty - so just check this before adding the salt.

I have frozen this bread and comes out just fine.

Yummy with my favourite french cheese!!   ENJOY!!


  1. I have never thought of making my own bread before. I always thought it would far to complicated. Your version has actually made me want to give it a go! Just wondering when you are going to start sewing those beautiful garments again. Miss your sewing reviews :-)

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for asking about my sewing. Have just returned from holidays in Hawaii and am planning to finish a coat for Jess very soon and start a Chanel style jacket for her. Trying to beat a bad cold/virus at the moment, so next week should start. Give this bread a go as it's so easy, truly it's a great recipe. I don't follow the 'no knead' method anymore as it meant letting the dough rise a couple of times, which took so much time. This recipe is faultless - Good luck!!

    1. Evelyne, where would I be able to get the baking tins to make baguettes here in Melbourne?

    2. Hi Julie, Katherine also wanted to know where to find them and I've given her the info below. It is - Simply No Knead. The item would be called 'french sticks'. Hope you find them.
      Cheers - Evelyne.

    3. Thanks Evelyne I can't wait to give it a try.

  3. I make bread every day at the moment and am experimenting a bit to have a bit of variety, so I will try this. I like your baguette forms...where did you get them?

    1. Hi Katherine, I bought them ages ago at "No Knead" when they first started out. is the website - simply no knead. If you look up the 'hardware' list you'll find french stick - I think this is it, although I call it baguette. Good luck!! Happy baking.

  4. I have just copied this recipe..thanks. It looks great and I just noticed where you bought your bread forms. Think I'll do this too. I saw your photos of your beautiful home village....thanks for sharing ..looks so beautiful. No wonder you miss it!