Friday, January 18, 2013

Burda Pants 123 (6/2011)

On one of our shopping days at Tessuti, Jess spotted this fabric, and knew exactly what she wanted - pair of cropped pants.  

The blend is wool/viscose/acetate/poly - "New Hepburn" which is still available.  It is quite a firm fabric, so no stretch whatsoever - not what the pattern called for, but still worth a try. 

Pattern is from the Burda 6/2011 book - pattern 123.

I cut the smallest size - since the original pattern called for stretch fabric, wasn't sure if it would be enough, so I added another 2 cms - yep, could have saved myself some time and just cut the next size up - Doh!!!!

Since I wasn't confident with the sizing, thought it best to fit Jess directly.  I actually had to take it in, so the extra 2 cms was not required.  What did I learn - to attend a pants course and learn the finer details of making pants.   

Jess is happy - isn't that all that matters.  At least I've mastered pattern matching.  This is something I take a great deal of care with, as nothing screams hand-made than lines that don't match.  Having said that, some cheap imports don't care and don't match their stripes/checks.  

I have some fabric left-over, so a skirt might be nice.